IMail Server for Windows NT IMail Server for Windows NT and Options
IMail Server for Windows NT is a high performance SMTP/POP3 e-mail server geared for today's Internet and corporate intranet messaging requirements. Now with antispamming controls, IMAP4, and LDAP support, it offers businesses an attractive alternative to more complex and higher-priced proprietary products or complicated UNIX-based systems.

Features include:

  • Web Messaging allows users access to e-mail accounts from any WWW browser.
  • Mail-to-Pager allow users to have their mail routed to an alphanumeric pager.

In addition, IMail Server's options provide these additional benefits:

  • IMail Anti-Virus stops dangerous viruses before they make it to an end-userís e-mail client.
  • The Killer WebMail Templates for IMail Server Web Messaging provide a ready-to-use, easy-to-customize interface that looks and feels like a standard e-mail client.
  • The Classic WebMail Templates for IMail Server Web Messaging are designed for fast page loads that are clean and intuitive.
  • EZSignUp allows users to create their own user accounts using a combination of Active Server Pages and IMail Server's command line utilities.
  • The Killer LDAP Searchable Address Book allows Killer WebMail Template users to search for e-mail addresses against one or more LDAP servers, including IMail Server's built-in LDAP server.
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